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Date: August 30th 1939

Alexandria Egypt

August 30, 1939

Dear Jean:

Your brother Bill is very proud to hear how well you did in your examinations. I want you to go right through and take senior matriculation, at least, and go to the University of Alberta is possible.

By now you are back at school again (if a typhoid epidemic hasn't broken out). Rugby season will soon be in full swing and school dances not far off (we hope).

I haven't had the slightest bit of leave since leaving home last year, and I am getting a bit browned off to say the least - except of course for a hurried weekend in the mountains back of Limassol in Cyprus.

How is your swimming these days? Hope you are still doing a great deal. Has Dad continued with your car driving instructions? He probably doesn't know I gave you a bit of dual last time I was home. Tell him that I said you had plenty of natural aptitude and a real touch on the clutch! Don't take a back seat - learn to drive. Get a book on driving from the public library and study it from cover to cover and learn what you are supposed to be doing.

Do you remember your crush on Tommy Darling? (T.A.) Class picture at Wittering R.A.F.) He is a Flying Officer now and was first pilot in a heavy bomber lost in the North Sea last month. The whole crew, both pilots and three crew lost their lives. He was a grand chap and came from Toronto.

England has horrible weather, clouds, hail, snow, rain and fog too many days of the year.

The heat here is beginning to abate, so it is more pleasant to be alive. By the time you get this letter I suppose we will be either at war or just passing through another crisis. Boy! What we wouldn't give to get our hands on Hitler and his terrible crew of henchmen. If we don't stop him soon we will have to stop him later, if we are able to. But we might as well get it over with. Needless to say we are on the top line and ready for any eventuality.

Could you start sending Saturday's paper again to me? (Make up your mind, Willy!)

Write soon and give me all the news.



How is one expected to land when ship is in that altitude?

31st Aug.

I have just returned from a trip - 100 miles out to sea with the squadron - dive bombing attack on our fleet. (Mitout da bombs). Two miles straight up to two miles straight down in less time and more noise than lightning.