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Date: March 29th 1919
Thomas Sharland

A.4197 Sgt. Sharland T
Bramshot Camp Haunts

Dear Sylvia

Just a line to let you know I am well and I do hope you are the same

Well I am still in camp and have not had any leave yet whyle the rest of the Bat is away on leave, I am having some traible passing my medical Board onaccount of being a little deef in my left ear, and I have been all this time trying to get to an ear specialist but I passed him this morning and he pass me as normal and now I get to go befor a board of medical offices on monday and then I will be on leave or at least I expect to about tuesday Where is a chance that we will sail for Canada on the 15th of next month and if I do not get away soon I will not have time to go to see my cousins as it will take me a day to go from here and a day to come back and we have to be in camp a gain for at least one week be for we sail, so you see dear It will not give much time to go and see them as I promised them but dear it cannot be helped as long as we sail for Canada on the 15th of April I will be over joyed, that is most important to me.

Now Sylvia dear you must not take this grant that we will sail on the 15th as I have rote about becuase you may be disappointed but My dear let us hope that it is right.

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Original Scans