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Date: April 16th 1917
John Row

April 16th, 1917

Dear Emma

Yours of the 14th ult. received. Glad to hear you are all well, tho Bessie told me you are not as well as you should be. See a good Doctor at once.

Yes, I receive the Posts, Free Press & Tribune all right now, tho irregular. The address on the Tribune is wrong. They address it to J. Rae, 3 C.C.S. Have it righted.

I left in the drawer of the washstand a little piece of metal belonging to my razor. It is for holding the blades to sharpen. If it is around, send it to me. Tell Philip to hunt for it. How is he and his music lessons? Does Bessie play well now? That and typewriting should go together.

"What do you think of the Bing boys now?" That is the name of a review running in London. The general in command is named Byng.

Had a postcard from Sydney today, so he and Frank are all right so far. Jack has had his leave and put in great time at Croydon. Things military in this sector are quiet tho action might develop shortly. Things personal very humdrum outside of an occasional Fritz plane over and the shilling of him. Spring very late, later than last year, with the comforting thought that it will hit Fritz harder than ourselves.

Received a letter from Mr. McElheran re: the church and views on national registration, also personal congratulations. Will answer as soon as I feel fit to write a decent letter. My brains seem mossy now, with only one subject to talk on and you cannot mention that. I wrote the Stuffed Club. They sent me some sample copies and I presume a years issue. I told them you would settle. 25 cents a day does not leave much to spend on luxuries.

Love & kisses to all.