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Date: June 1918

Saturday 1 June 1918

In Euston from Scotland 9:30 a.m. Had tea in sleeping car. Up to R.P. Hotel. Found Hogie back from Scotland & still in bed. He got up & we did some shopping. Arranged for storage of surplus kit at Thos. Cook & Son. Met young Stevens (Moose Jaw) on Picadilly Circus. In R.A.F. (Naval Wing). Met Miss Brown & friend. Had dinner at Frascati. Staying at Imperial Hotel overnight.

Sunday 2 June 1918

London & Bram'
Up at 7:15 K. Hogie & I caught 8:25 from W'loo for Haslemere. Got to 15th Res. about noon. Must leave by 6K train for Folkestone en route to France. Some hustle. Cramp & I packed my things, sent Steamer Trunk & Club bag to Cook's London. Took 9:40 Train to W'loo London (10K). Hotels full no place to sleep, got shake down at Queen Mary's Officer's club. Had fine supper about midnight. Wrote note to Dad. London full of Cdn. officers en route to France. Left Call for 6 a.m.
London en route to France

Monday 3 June 1918

Folkestone - France
Up 6 A.M. Breakfast at Q.M. Club for officers. Walked to Vic Station. Got bed rolls on train. Munro, Wright, Lovejoy, Hogie & I & nursing sister from #7 Hosp. Etaples got to Pier 7 Folkestone 9:45 a.m. Reported to E. Offices & ordered to return to pier at 2:30. Went uptown, bought set of 1st C.M.R. badges & got patches put onto my coat. Walked around town. Had dinner at upstairs restaurant. Got onto boat at 2K & left Folkestone 3 P.M. Wrote long letter to Eva on boat. Landed B— at 5K. Ordered on train for E— at 6K. Arrived E— 8 P.M. Very slow train. Reported to C.T.B. Depot & had supper. Got place in Carter's tent. No bed rolls up yet. Camp overflowing officers.

Tuesday 4 June 1918

Up 7K. Tent over 100 yds. from Wash room. Had breakfast 8K. Lecture & Instructions from adjutant at 9:30 a.m. [?] in my steel helmet [?] overnight in case of Hun bombing planes. Got Field dressing. Camp deep with white sand. After dinner Forsythe & I took tramway to [?] (Plage). Very quiet there. All French. Returned 7K. Over to men's lines & saw Olsen & more of old 249th boys. Wright & I over to officers club 8:30 P.M. Wrote some letters to Ed. R & Dad. Bed 11 P.M. Carter dead drunk.

Wednesday 5 June 1918

Bright & warm. Up to Gas School with about 150 other officers. Had lecture & went through Lachrymetry & chlorine gas chambers. Home about 1K. Had dinner & slept out under trees all afternoon. Band of 31 pieces at Mess for Dinner. Over to officer's club 9 P.M. Hogie there too. Wrote Chown & Jean Hendry. Walked party way home with Hogarth. Bed 12 K.
C.T.B.D. France

Thursday 6 June 1918

Slept till quite late. No parades, nothing to do but lay sound. If I have many more such days I'll be no good for anything. Ten officers go up from base. 1 to 1st C.M.R.'s. Went up to Club about 3K. Had hair cut. Imp. officer cops my S.B. Belt from cloak room. Took it off him while wandering round ante-room. Had lovely afternoon tea for 1. [?]. Back to Mess for dinner. Over to O Club again at 8K. Wrote letters to Dad, Rita Taylor & Marietti Lafrance. Back to C.T.B.D. & to bed early. Couple of young subs put Carter to bed about midnight. Objects to his boots & necktie being taken off.

Friday 7 June 1918

Clear & Warm. Watched couple of Bosche planes over camp about 9 to 10K. Stiff barrage set up by our AA. guns but Fritzie is at a dizzy height. Shells bursting all around him but no hits. List of 126 officers up in Mess to proceed up at 4K. Mortimer only one for 1st C.M.R's to go up. Hogarth goes on ahead of me along with Forsythe, & Munro. Tobias & I over to Club for tea. Met McLellan down from C.M.Y.C. camp. Saw Eddie Gaditt. Back to rest from 8th battn. Over to Club again at 8:30. Wrote Eva. Had supper 9:45 K. Walked back with McIntosh & went bed 10:30.

Saturday 8 June 1918

Clear & Warm. Censored a few letters had bath & shave before dinner. Got my chit book from Pay-M. O.C. meets officers after lunch & little talk on discipline etc. Tobias & I over to officers club & then down to P.P. till 4K. Ate bananas & strawberries & treated the Waac's to some on the street. Back to Mess for dinner. Wright & I over to #7 Canadian H. Nurse Hearn not there. Back in Blighty. Over to officers club 8:30. Had supper at 9:30 & back to lines.
C.I.B.D. France

Sunday 9 June 1918

Clear & Warm. On church parade held in large sand bowl near C.I.B.D. lines. Lay around lines till dinner time. Got Indelible pencil & spent an hour marking lot of my equipment. Had a little rain, first I saw in France. Had tea at Club with Major Burde & a Scottie. Supper at C.I.B.D. & went to bed 9K.

Monday 10 June 1918

Started to rain about getting up time so Carter, McIntosh & I slept till 10:30. Nice & cool & fine for sleeping. No news of a move up further yet. I walked over to Club at 2K. Wrote Dad, Tom Blight, & Sis Mabourquette. Had tea & walked back to Mess with Holland of 174th C.H.of C. Watched game of cards & went to bed 9 K.

Tuesday 11 June 1918

Clear & Warm. Over to M.O. for sick report for Dentist. Seely & I walked over to Dental Clinic & made appointment for Thurs. 2K. Met Jack Lyle (over with 79th from Portage) now with 1st C.M.R. He brought Jack (Yawner) Longworth over to my tea about 1K. Yawner down for 42nd Scotties. Had good old Brandon gossip. Wright & I over to Club for tea. Back to lines for dinner. Got good novel "A Vision of Beauty" & read till 11 P.M.

Wednesday 12 June 1918

Clear & Warm. Censored a few letters, played catch with the Batmen & read my novel till 2K. Walked over to Club. Met Alfie Quigley on way over. Walked down to Et- station & saw A.F.O. re. sending surplus kit to London. Saw Harry Johnson of 107th Camp Hughes now with T.M. Battery & 1st C.M.R.'s. Back to club & had tea with Lt. Burke R.H.C. Back to lines & had bath before dinner. Up to lines & brought Olsen down to my tent. Bed 9:30.

Thursday 13 June 1918

Clear & Warm. Censored number of letters & played catch for while. More officers arriving and new one in our tent. Went to Dentists 2:30. Filled two teeth. Over to O. Club 3:30. Saw large Silver queen Baloon over camp. Had tea with Holland & then over to Cynema. Second sitting at dinner and read nearly all evening. Wrote Eva. Wrote K. Campbell.

Friday 14 June 1918

Windy & Dusty. Slept in till 10K. Wrote letter to Cook's re sending my B. Warm to them for storage. Got my first mail in France forwarded from the battalion. Letter from Dad, Mother, Eva, & Vera. Mighty glad to get them & feasted on them for nearly an hour. Over to Club at 1:30. Answered some letters. Played game of Snooker & had tea with Desjardines 22nd Batt. F.C.'s. Played catch with Smarth & over to Club with McIntosh, McNeil & the longfellow. Nice rain all night.

Saturday 15 June 1918

Clear & Warm. List of officers to go up the line published. Carter goes to the Batt. Played game of catch. Letter from Jean Hendry. Wrote her & Dad. Played 3rd base for Officers vs. W.O's and Sergeants of C.I.B.D. ended 17-1 for officers. Smarth 42nd & I over to club for tea. Posted letters to Jean H. & Dad. Over to Club again about 8K. Met the three Scotchmen. Gave McIntosh send off, going up the line, & bed 11K.
C.I.B.D. France

Sunday 16 June 1918

Clear & Warm. Missed the Church parade a/c slow watch. Got letter from Dan Benson written on May 19th at the base. Over to Club with Chas. & Alex about 3K. Answered Benson's letter. Had tea. Wrote Eva a F.S. Post Card. Alex. McNeil & Chas. McIntosh & I went to pictures and then for long walk out through the woods and hospitals.

Monday 17 June 1918

Clear & Warm. Number of officers go up from the base. McIntosh & Carter among them. Alex McNeill & I over to club about 4K. Wrote some letters & had tea. Down to siding & saw McIntosh off. McNeill & I to 2nd show at cinema. Left all alone in tent. Had best sleep yet in camp.

Tuesday 18 June 1918

Clear & Warm. Letter from Hogarth & answered it. Played catch for a while. Officers beaten by the Mess staff team by 12-7 score. Got a sore hip from sliding bases. Had bath & went to first show with Holland. Over to Club at 8K & wrote Russ Ferrier. Fine rain during the night.

Wednesday 19 June1918

Clear & Warm. Censored a few letters. Played catch with Leake for while then had two sets of tennis. Slipped on muddy spot & fell on court taking skin off one of my fingers. Over to Club 4K. Deadest day yet in camp. Nobody at all that I know & can only wander about like one lost. Seeley of R.H.C. warms up his arm in preparation for pitching a game against the minors. Stayed at Mess after dinner to listen to band instead of going to Show. Campbell, Johnston, & I walked down to Old Officers Club & all through Etaples town. Saw Napoleon's Hotel.

Thursday 20 June 1918

Clear & Warm. Censored a few letters & went up to M.O. & had my finger dressed. Met old George Anderson, Hogarth's cook in the Estevan detachment. Back from 28th Div. base. Missed seeing Hogarth by one day. Watched tennis all a.m. Took bicycle at 1K & visited picquets. Second one a long dusty ride. Back 4K. Over to Club. Had tea. Rec'd letter from Tom Blight. Wrote him from Club. Started to rain about 5:30. Went to Y.M.C.A. with Alex McNeil & Carr-Johnson & saw fine movie show.

Friday 21 June 1918

Slept in till 11 o'clock. Got letter from Dad (May 12th) at noon. Over to club at 1K with Alex McNeil. Had hair cut & answered Dad's letter. List of officers posted to proceed to C.C.R.C. Mostly 2nd Division. Walked over to Ordnance Depot. Back to Club & had tea. Alex & I to 1st show at Cinema. My hair brushes arrived from Perth. Alex, Cam Johnston & I down to Club for evening.

Saturday 22 June 1918

High Wind & clouds of dust. Got letter from Ken Campbell. Saw McHarg of old #8 Platoon hauling logs in a Forestry Unit. Over to Club with Alex 1K. Had shave & shampoo. Wrote Eva & Ken Campbell. Heard that Reg. Scott had been killed flying. Went to first show at cinema with Alex, Badger, Hosford & Dobie over from the Reserve all for 8th Batt. Badger & I down to Club for evening. Campbell, Johnson & McNeill accuse me of giving them the "go by" that night at club. Big bunch officers in Mess from Blighty. Two 2nd C.M.R. officers in my tent.

Sunday 23 June 1918

Clear with wind still blowing. Up early to see large draft of Men and officers leave for C.C.R.C. Went to church service with Alex. Censored a few letters. Badger back from Bull Ring at Noon. Hosford sick in bed. Badger & I took car & went to Paris Plages. Went by tennis courts Duchess Westminster hospital & #35 French hospital. Stuck around P.P. till 5K. Bought a lot of fine eating cherries. Alex & I saw fine picture at 2nd show at cinema. Down to club & had some supper at 9:30. Back to lines.

Monday 24 June 1918

High Wind & Cool. Slept till 10K. Got eight letters just before dinner. From Chown, Hogie, two from Eva (May 7th & 20th) & four from home (May 17th, 19th, 24th & 27th). Had great feast of news. Over to club with Alex 2K. Gave Tobias chit for 125 Francs in exchange for his cheque for same amount on his London Bank. Wrote long letters to Dad & Eva. Had tea. Went to 2nd show at Cinema with Alex McNeill. Badger & I over to General Base & Club. Met Phillpot et al. Back to lines & to bed.

Tuesday 25 June 1918

Clear & Warm. Over to M.O & got some B Ointment. Got two more letters from home (May 31st & June 2nd) & one from Eva (May 27th) also newspaper from Eva. Wrote letters to Chown & Hogarth. Over to Club with Badger & Hosford. Wrote letters to Dad & Eva. Had afternoon tea. Back to Depot & had a bath. Went to 2nd show with Badger. Down to club with Alex Mc. Had four hand game of snooker.

Wednesday 26 June 1918

Clear & Warm. Censored a few letters. Bunch of officers in from Blighty at noon. Brown from 15th & old Major Ryder of 236th over as a sub. Over to Club with Badger & Hosford 3K. Sent Tobias cheque & my bank book to B. Montreal. Badger & I had long talk of Reminiscences at our afternoon tea. Back to Mess for dinner. Alex Mc. & I listened to band for while then down to club. Saw a Major & Capt. of 1st C.M.R. at club.

Thursday 27 June 1918

Clear & warm. Down to Club with Alex Mc to get his hair cut. I'm on Orderly dog tomorrow. Down to Ordnance with Fred Riley & Badger then over to Club 3 P.M. Got very windy & dusty soon after dinner. Elex Mc on working party to one of the hospitals. Arch Riley & I had tea & down to ordnance again. Too late for 1st show at cinema. Badger & I up to lines & saw Olsen & other 249th boys. Hosford, Archie & I over to Y.M.C.A. & saw fine picture. Wild night in C.T.B.D. mess. R.A.F. officers galore. Had visit from Heinie's aeroplane about midnight. No bombs dropped.

Friday 28 June 1918

Clear & Warm. On orderly officer so confined to lines. Got Mother's box of eats posted on April 11th. Pretty badly battered up. Saw Dutton & Dodman & Mess at noon meal. Up to see them in lines about 4K & they came down to my tent after supper & helped eat my home box. Inspected station Bridge picquet & had supper in the cook kitchen.

Saturday 29 June 1918

Clear & Warm. Inspection of S.B.R's for officers at 9:30a.m. Censored a few letters. Too hot to show any energy so just laid round the tent all day. Had bath & change about 5K. Alex & I to 2nd show after dinner. Down to club with Badger & Alex. Back to Mess. Bed 11:30. Another raid by Jerry dropped number of bombs quite near camp. several machines

Paris Plage
Sunday 30 June 1918

Very Hot. Church parade to cemetery for decoration of Canadian graves. Took from 9 a.m. to 11:30. Saw name on list of officers to proceed from the base sometime this week. Wright also on list. Censored a few letters. Saw one from Dutton to Daisy Fenwick. Couldn't resist the temptation to put a note in it which I did. Badger & I down to Paris Plage & had fine swim in the ocean. Saw Farquhar of #4 Platoon 196th. Wants to see Tobias. Saw Eddie Gadet & Alfie Quigley. Back to Mess for dinner. Alex McNeill & I down to Club 7:30K. Visited again by our esteemed enemy in the air. Wrote Dad.

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