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Date: February 6th 1919

Feb 6th 1919

My Dear Mother:

Just a line to explain about some pictures I am sending today.

First the large group is one of the battery and in case I will say I am 13th from the left sitting down in the front. The River Rhine is about 200 yds behind and across the river is one of the seven hills with the ruins of a castle on the top of it.

Another is one of "C" subsection to which I have belonged lately.
Another is the Signallers and observers. I am 4th from the right in the front row and Marshall is 3rd.

The pictures of the guns are our battery and were taken on Sept 27th when the Canadians took the Canal Den Nord.

In the picture of the one gun, four German prisoners are carrying in one of their wounded. Our former Mayor is third from the right.

In the other picture the rest of the guns are shown. German prisoners are seen helping some of our wounded to walk. The bunch are gathered around a German Sergt - Major talking to him and getting souvenirs. Our dispatch rider is beside them.

This position was in plain view of the enemy and the guns and ammunition were also placed there during the night by making several trips. It was only about a thousand yards from the front line, and the guns were hid by being among the wreckage of about eight motor lorries which had burned up some months previously.

I am some place to the left of the road but cannot identify myself
Trust you receive these all O.K. Have written a letter to Isabel yesterday giving the news

Love to all

Original Scans

Original Scans