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Date: September 2nd 1918

France Sept 2nd 1918

My Dear Sister:

Was please to receive your letter of Aug 4th in the last Canadian mail and will now answer it. Expect another mail tonight or soon as it is now about two weeks since the last. Also received a letter from Eliz and she was there already waiting for word of what to do and where to go. Do not suppose she would get a letter from me now if I did write.

I wrote to Father on the 27th and it was my last letter home so you might please forward this when you write. Have made a shift further south since then and do not know where I may land next as it is a case of keeping Fritz on the move since he is well started. The infantry have quite a time keeping in touch and straightening things out and of course we must support them. Have been over ground which was held by the enemy a week ago and will doubtless be over much more of it from now on. It is altogether different from what we have been doing since last fall and in many ways a pleasant change as the work is much more interesting and of course more of interest to be seen.

I have been sick for the last three days but am almost well again. Was to the dressing station for some medicine. They had an American Doctor there as they have in quite a number of them now. He has a busy time too, but of course only gives temporary assistance and passes the cases on to the clearing stations.

Pleased to hear you enjoyed your holidays and no doubt you feel much more like work now. Note you are still at the hospital so have not accepted the doctors offer. Note what you say about Mande and probably they will keep her busy. It is claimed to be about the best Military Hospital in Canada so probably their way may be different.

In regard to what you say about Marshall & I, letters I have written since will explain. It was the thing I wanted to guard about. Have heard nothing further for about a month so I think it has fallen through altogether. Hope everybody does not repeat it.

I enclose a clipping which I thought might be interesting and if you like you can send it on to Elizabeth.

I have met a few fellows I know in the last couple of days. Yesterday saw Mr. Atler and one of the Pringle boys from Guelph I guess there is only the one boy. The son of the Jeweler.

We were paid yesterday. Also our canteen got a supply of Canadian biscuits and canned fruit and it was soon bough up. Had part of a tin of strawberries also of Peaches and they were a treat as it is some time since we had any. Have poor billets at present but do not expect to be in there long. Close to a river, so there is plenty of water anyway.
This is all the news at present.

With love,

Your brother,

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