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Date: January 24th 1919
H. G. Rowbotham

10, Adam Str.,
Strand, London,
W.C. 2,
Jan. 24th, 1919

Dear Mr. Simpson,

Your letter of Dec. 27th last came to hand on Jan 10th. First of all let me thank you for the kindly interest you have taken in writing to me on my Sister"s behalf. Should you be still in Mehlem will you please tell my sister that I received her letter of Nov.11th and answered it a day or two after I received it. I could only say what I personally thought on the matter ot her being allowed to come to England, and that was that it did not seem to me that any one would be permitted to land until Peace was signed.

This letter my Sister will have doubtless received long before this reaches you. Meanwhile I had made what enquiries i could, and finally got into touch with the Home Office, which department have just answered to the effect that "my Sister cannot be permitted to return to the United Kingdom during the war".

I am afraid my Sister will be bitterly disappointed at not being allowed to come over, but she will readily understand that a state of war still exists - that the armistice merely means a cessation of hos-tilities - and the terms of peace have still to be settled.

I am very pleased to know that my sister has been able to be of some help to you and able to make you comfortable, during what must be a rather rotten time for you all. Please thank my Sister for her good wishes and tell her that I am glad to hear she and the youngsters are in the best of health.

I hope this letter will reach you before you leave Mehlem. I could not answer it until I had received the reply from th e Home Office. Please tell my Sister that I will keep my eyes open and watch for any alleviation of the present restrictions, and should any be made by the authorities I will immediately write her.

If by any chance you should get to London later on, and care to do so, i should like you to call here and introduce yourself personally. Please give my best love to Mrs. Kassner and the kiddies, and let me wish you al the best, and as good a time as possible whilst in Mehlem.

Believe me yours sincerely,

H.G. Rowbotham