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Date: April 28th 1918

April 28, 1918

Dear Mother:

Have not much to do this afternoon so am going to write a few lines home. Received your letter of April 2 the night before last and the arithmetic book also came OK a few days ago. Many thanks for both. They were certainly welcome. We always look forward to letters from home - they are one of the brightest spots in our day, and the arithmetic book will come in very useful at times. Was to a nice little church service tonight. Our padre comes around every Sunday and holds a short service with us. We sing a few of the old hymns and he gives a short address. Not a sermon but a straight talk to the heart for after all it is the real things which matter with the fellows out here. Tonight he gave us a short talk on character, and we sang Lead Kindly Light, Holy, Holy Holy, and Abide with Me. You will see before you would receive this letter that one of our original sergeants, Graham Duff, was killed in action yesterday. He was struck by splinters of a shell which fell right beside him and he died almost instantly. We buried him this afternoon in a little cemetery in the village behind us. Poor Duff! He was a splendid fellow one of the whitest men in the outfit. Things have quieted down somewhat lately. So far we have had no active part in what has been going on and may not have for some time so no use worrying. By the way we had quite a thunderstorm the night before last and the rain and hail came down intorrents, quite an unusual thing out here and it almost made me feel homesick. The weather has on the whole been quite fine. Have had it overcast at times but little rain. Don't think I have much news. Everything goes on as usual and there is not much to write about so will say goodnight.

Love to all, Harold