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Date: August 6th 1917

Aug. 6, 1917

Dear Sister Clemmie:

Have only time for a few lines today as I am on duty but will write a long letter in a few days as soon as I get time. Well I got back yesterday at noon from a ten day's leave to Paris and a splendid ten days it was. I haven't time today to tell you about anything I have seen or give you any descriptions. I will do that in my next letter. Suffice it to say that for beauty, natural and artificial, Paris surpasses by far anything that I have yet seen. After fourteen months away from civilization it was certainly glorious to have ten whole days to yourself to do as you liked and go where you liked, to sit down three times a day to a good meal of whatever you wished to order, to sleep on a soft bed between clean white
sheets, to wander around among the beauties of this fair city and enjoy oneself to the full. However more of this in my next letter.

I found your letter of July 8 waiting for me when I got back, also papers and Saturday Evening Posts. Many thanks for them. I am certainly glad to get them. Also had letters from Mother, the registered one she sent and two written from home together with letters from Claude, Dora, and Aunt Katie. I shall be kept busy for a while answering them all. Claude seems to like his work fine. Am glad that he has signed up. It is certainly a great life and I would not be out of it now, under the circumstances, for anything. Yes I have got a Saturday Evening Posts regularly and am very glad to have them as they are very good reading. I think I told you that we have a battery library now containing something like 150 volumes and we need never be short of reading matter.

Now Clemmie I must ring off for this time. Will write a long letter in a few days and tell you all about my trip. Ernest is in Paris now, went the night we came home. Herb McEwen was up with me also and we certainly had an ideal time.

Love to all from, Harold