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Date: August 9th 1918

August 9, 1918

Dear Mother:

Received your letter of July 7 tonight the first Canadian letter mail for two weeks and as usual I'm taking advantage of my time on duty on the exchange to send an apology for a letter home. This will only be a note as we are being relieved here in a few minutes and going back to the other section for a week. Will answer letter in my next. Intended to have written sooner but we have had a busy week and I did not get round to it. However when we get down then we will have more time and I will write long letter in a few days. Things still go on as usual except that August has brought us fine weather for a change. Have heard some rather recent war news today but by the time this reaches you it will be rather stale and I imagine it will also be a bit insignificant beside what will probably follow. Things look very promising for us and I shouldn't be a bit surprised to see a decision reached before the New Year

Had a letter from Laura Simpson tonight and she speaks of Albert being in Blighty. Did not know he was overseas Have you his address? Would like to hear from him as I might be able to hunt him up some time out here. Told you in my last that I had heard from Claude in Blighty. Well leave has not come yet. Has again been cancelled and I don't expect to get away now before September anyway. Think I will probably get to Italy yet.

Well Mother I must quit for this time. Will write again in a couple of days. All well. I am as usual line. Excuse scrawl. Have been writing fast to get done before our relief comes.

Love to all from, Harold