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Date: August 14th 1917

Aug. 14, 1917

Dear Mother:

Just have time for a line this morning as we expect to have a busy day Received your parcel dated July 17 last night containing chicken, coffee, tobacco, and pencils. Many thanks, your parcels are always so good. The chicken was splendid also the coffee while tobacco is very welcome and the pencils come in fine. It is hard to get good pencils out here. Also received your letter containing the five dollar bill and the one from Harry containing ten. Many thanks for all your trouble in sending it. But I will not need any more as we got our Paris leave and were able to draw on our pay books. I will hold what
you have sent as a reserve. We have been having rather rotten weather lately but the last couple of days have been better and I am in hopes that we are starting to have it fine again for a time.

Think I told you that Ernest is in Paris. He went the night we came back. Sent you a letter a couple of days ago telling in some poor way about my trip. Hope you received it okay. Am sending a few little trinkets in a few days. It is very kind of Mrs. Proctor to remember me as she has. Yes I will certainly write and thank her as soon as parcel comes. Did you get what you mentioned as having gone astray yet? I think there is no danger of your not getting it.

Now I must ring off to and get back to work.

Love to all, Harold