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Date: November 27th 1915

Somewhere outside Halifax,
5:15 pm, Friday, November 27th, 1915

Dear Everybody

Am getting along OK. Got into Pictou at 10, pulled out at 1, got into Stellarton at 2, shopped a few minutes, were in Truro at 3:30 and in Stewiacke at 4:30. Now, from what we can gather we are about 8 1/2 miles out of Halifax. Mr. Taylor is still with us. They've would not let any civilians on board at the gang plank so he climbed over the rail rather than not go with us. Has been around among the fellows ever since.

We had it pretty rough coming across and a good many of the fellows were pretty sick. I guess about a hundred of them were affected. I didn't mind it at all. A bunch of us got up in the bow where it was the roughest and had a great time. Our great coats were wet through when we got to Pictou but were dry before we went on the train. We had a great joke on Mr. Taylor. He was out among us in the bow feeling fine and joking about being seasick. Then he started down along the rail where they were all sick and in five minutes he was as sick has any of them.

Saturday morning

Got in about 6 p.m.. Got supper and when up town until 10. Then came back and slept on the train. We are all in and had a good comfortable night. Just got orders to get ready to go aboard so must quit.

Will write again first chance,