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Date: February 18th 1916

Roffey Camp,
Feb. 18, 1916

Dear Everybody

I have received your letter and bundle of papers this morning, also a letter from Clemmie and letter and papers from her yesterday. Also had letters from Sibyl, Morley Toombs (Clifton), Ena McLeod (Verne's sister) Ruth LePage etc. which coupled with all the others I have to answer is going to keep me busy. Roy and I are up in our room - each of us writing. Had not much news as things are very quiet. You said the last letter was written New Year's Eve. You should have heard from me since that for I have written every week and sometimes twice a week. I started numbering my letters so that you
would know when you got them all but lost track of the numbers. Will start at 1 again and try to keep track from now on. No, I didn't send the books. I intended sending them, then someone borrowed them and when they came back they got covered up and I forgot about them. Am going to send them one of these days but if they never show up it won't be much loss as they are only a shilling apiece.

Am enclosing a few snaps. In the group in front of the hut, starting from the left is Lawson with his head turned, Robertson on his back and Percy McNevin on top. Next to them, alone, is Howard McKendrick. Then comes Bart and Les and on the right Warren and yours truly. You will notice that we do not look to be failing any. Did not take a very good one of myself but am good and plump looking in it too. Think the group of four is not too bad. Will send along some more snaps soon. Got a nice hold all from Lilla and Laura. It is a dandy, rubber lined and one of the best I have seen. Must write to them Sunday.

Freddie Donald was in London a couple of weeks ago on pass. Did not see him but he is getting on fine. He is in No. 2 Heavy Battery. They have been in action about five months and have been very fortunate. Have not had a single casualty. Capt. Stanley was here are short while ago also Lt. Bethune. They look fine and are as happy as dead ducks.

Had a little route march Wednesday. Did about 22 miles, went about 9:30 and got in about 3. It was on nice cool day and we had a very good tramp. Saturday evening. I have just come from a ball game between our battery and the 97th which resulted in a score of 7 - 5 in their favor. Was one of the closest games I ever saw.

Well here is the end of another letter. We are still in Horsham and expect to be for some little time as it has been found by practical experience at the front that greater efficiency is gained by having a larger number of signallers. However I hope we will not be delayed very long as I for one think almost everyone is getting anxious to get into action. I have not any more news. Will have lots to tell you when I go back for it is much easier to tell anything than to write it. Will write again soon. Have a whole bunch of letters that I must try and answer tomorrow. Am going to drop a few lines to Clemmie tonight. Must say good night now.

Lots of love from, Harold