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Date: August 31st 1917

August 31st, 1917

Dear Mother:

Have only time for a few lines tonight but want to send a note. Not that there is a much news for everything goes on as usual with nothing to note except that we have been having a taste of fall for the last week. Every day has been very windy and as a rule cool and showery. In consequence things have been pretty quiet, for our observation has been almost nil. I received your letter on Aug. 6 and also your parcel containing the large tin of pork and beans a couple of nights ago. Many thanks for both. I think a Canadian mail is the most interesting and exciting incident in our day. A big bombardment is nothing compared with the suppressed excitement when somebody says, "Canadian mail, seven bags" or whatever the number happens to be. One night we will get a letter bag. There will probably be two bags of letters and in addition a couple of bags of papers and parcels. Then the next night comes the parcel mail, 6 or 7 or perhaps more bags and that
night there is a feast in every dugout.

Had a letter from Laura the same night as I received yours to on the 6th. She and Lilla were down in Washington for a few weeks vacation. Also had a letter from Joe Fleming. Must answer it as soon I get time. Haven't heard from Heber or Laura Gordon for some time and have not had a line from Joe Clark for an age. Had a letter from Nelson MacEwen about a week ago and he said that Murdoch MacLeod had enlisted. Wish he were with us for he is one of the best fellows I ever met. Must write to him as soon as I get time. Had a letter from him quite a while ago but never answered.

I sent you some postcards of Paris and am sending some books of views etc. Will send them at different times in case some of them might go astray. They are in four different parcels. I am also sending a little box of souvenirs in a few days time. Let me know if they go all right. They don't amount to very much but I wouldn't like them to go astray.

Now I must ring off. All well. Love to all from, Harold