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Date: September 18th 1917

Sept. 18, 1917

Dear Mother:

Have just come off duty and want to drop a line tonight. Have only time for a note as it is bedtime and I have to go on duty again at 4:30. We are a little short handed now, about four of our men being away, two on leave and two at rest camp, and consequently are kept pretty busy. All of the original of the battery have now had leave with the exception of eight or ten who have friends in the old country and are waiting to go across. The work now although it does not give us much time to ourselves is not hard and we are having a pretty good time of it. There was practically no Canadian mail last week but I received to the registered letter Harry sent containing the five dollars which you had given him to forward and also your parcel containing fruit cake, raisins, etc. last night. Many thanks for them both. That cake certainly went to the spot. We made cocoa and with a tin of pears that one of the boys bought at the canteen we had our real old feast.

Had a letter from Laura Gordon a couple of nights ago. She says that Dave Millar is back on duty again and that Sid Fielding is quite better. Heber was still in England when she wrote and she had just come back from a leave to Scotland. Heber got off at the same time and they spent their leave together. I had a field postcard from Joe last night, the first word I have had from him for an age. He is all OK but I guess he is pretty busy. Am expecting to have a letter from him soon.

Now I think I will have to say goodnight as the boys are all in bed and I am getting pretty sleepy. The boys are all well. I am fine. By the way I was told tonight that out of the different tents at Brighton Camp, ours is the only complete brunch still with the battery. The seven of us are still here and not one of us has had a scratch yet. We have certainly been a fortunate bunch and I hope our good luck continues.

Now I must ring off. Excuse scrawl as I am half asleep. Again thanking you for the parcel and with love to all, Harold