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Date: February 18th 1918

February 18th, 1918

Dear Mother:

Have only time for a line in answer to your two letters dated January 7th and 13th and your two parcels received on the night of the 15th. They were practically the first Canadian mail we've received in February and were certainly much appreciated. Many thanks. Am trying to write to Mrs. Bennett as soon I get time and thank her for the socks. They are fine and it was very thoughtful of her to remember me. Our fine weather continues, and I hope will continue to be so. The days are clear and mild and the nights are moonlit and altho' chilly have a bracing tang which makes one feel like working.
It has been an exceptionally fine winter, different entirely from last winter which was on the whole wet and disagreeable.

We have been having a splendid time since we came in off rest. There hasn't been much doing and we have been enjoying the quiet to the full. There is no news. Everything goes as usual and there is really nothing of interest of which one can write. Anything worth writing about the war is of course forbidden and quite properly so but what is one going to write about when at the war if he does not tell about the war. The boys are as usual all well and happy. I am fine and feeling as fit as a fiddle after our three weeks out. Now I must ring off as it is time for me to go on duty. Will write in a few days.

Love to all and again thanking you for those parcels and also your letters.

Your loving son, Harold