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Date: March 4th 1918

March 4th, 1918

Dear Mother:

Received your registered letter containing the five dollar bill - came yesterday evening. Many thanks, for although I did not really need it it will come in handy for some extras. No I have not been needing money. Had I needed any I would certainly have written for it. Perhaps later on when my leave draws handier I will send for some more. I am entitled to a leave to Paris now as it is over six month's since I returned but I think I will wait for Blighty this time. Would like to go to Italy but I have to wait for twelve months for that and I would rather get away early in the summer. At the rate at which they are going now my time for Blighty will come in the summer. I plan on spending the greater part of my leave in Scotland with perhaps a little trip across to Ireland during the last three or four days. That of course depends entirely on circumstances. Leave as you know has been extended four days so that one gets fourteen full days in Blighty. That will allow seven days in Scotland, three in Ireland, one for travelling, a couple of days in London then a flying visit to Horsham for a day to see old friends, or if I decided not to go to Ireland, I will have ten full days in Scotland. I just saw enough of Scotland during our four days mobilization leave to want to go back.

You asked about boots. No I don't need any, the ones you sent are still quite good. I have taken good care of them and not worn them when not necessary and they will carry me through to the summer OK. As to other things I am pretty well set up, thanks to your thoughtfulness, probably better fitted out than most fellows. I get the Witness and World Wide regularly but the Patriot has not showed up yet. Rumor has said that P.E.I. has returned two, perhaps three Unionist members by the soldier's vote but we have not seen anything definite yet. Have seen figures stating that the soldier's vote for all Canada went 92% Unionist and in P.E.I. about 87% but don't know it there would be a sufficient
number to change the vote.

Did I tell you that I had a letter from Murdoch you days ago. He is I think only a few miles from us. Would like to see him and have a talk over old times. He and I used to be pretty good pals in the good old days at P.W.C. In his first letter after coming out he spoke of getting a transfer to our outfit but in the last one he said that his O.C. wouldn't grant it. He is as you know in a railway construction outfit.

Was glad to hear that Claude was home on leave. Is he taking an officer's training course in Toronto? Have not heard from him for some time. His last letter was written just before Christmas. I had a notion of going into the flying corps myself and had almost decided to apply for a commission but have since changed my mind for the present at least as there is a possibility of another opening in the not too distant future. However more of that later when I learn something more definite.

Well Mother there is as usual little news. Things are pretty quiet. The weather is splendid and the boys all well and happy. Think I will ring off. Will write again in a few days. Again thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending the money and with a heart full of love to all

Your loving son, Harold

P.S. By the way, do you get my assigned pay regularly? If not let me know and I will see about it - H.