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Date: June 16th 1918

June 16, 1918

Dear Mother:

Have been sitting out near our hut watching one of the most beautiful sunsets that I have seen for sometime and now I want to drop the few lines home before it gets too dark. Not that I have any news of interest to write for I have not, but merely for the sake of sending a few lines home. Received a letter for you the day before yesterday dated May 14 and yesterday two parcels, one containing plum and apple jam which believe me tasted good and one containing oat cakes which went right to the spot. Also received some papers. For all of which many many thanks.

Am glad to see that they have opened up all the roads for the autos. Personally I have great faith in the future of the auto and am glad to see that P.E. I is not going to lag behind. Yes we have daylight saving too. Had it last summer also. Of course it does not affect us much in our life for our work is the same anyway. There is the same amount of night work to be done and we have formed the habit of sleeping whenever we get the chance. However when in Rome do as Rome does and since France has daylight saving we in the army had it also. Canada is certainly standing behind her boys by supporting the Y.M. as she has done and we are proud of the showing Spud Island has put out. Mr. Sterling certainly did splendid work in his district. The service which the Y. is rendering
of the troops out here cannot be estimated. No one who has not seen its work at firsthand and benefitted by it can appreciate it fully or realize what a work it is doing for us.
Now I must ring of as it is getting too dark to see. As usual I am quite well. Will write again in a few days. Again thanking you for those parcels.

Your loving son, Harold