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Date: July 13th 1918

July 13, 1918

Dear Mother:

Have not much news but am going to drop the few lines home tonight just to say goodnight. Received your letter of June 10 on the 10th, just a month on the way. Also received two parcels one on the 10th and the other on the 11th, the first containing butter, milk, sugar etc., the second chicken, milk, cocoa, and tobacco. My sincerest banks for them all. They were certainly very welcome. That homemade butter is just about it - after the margarine with which we are issued. We can almost always get milk out here now so no need of putting it into parcels now for awhile, for while always welcome there is no need of paying postage when we can get it here. No need to tell you that the chicken and tobacco was appreciated and the cocoa was also good. Had some of it for supper last
night along with a tin of chicken and some Canadian biscuits which we got through the Y. We have prepared cocoa a few times out here but most of us get the powder which you can always get in any canteen and which is really better and much less expensive. Speaking of coffee you say that you will send it oftener. I would rather you wouldn't as we prefer to have cocoa and the coffee is rather expensive. Of course it goes good for a change now and then but as all the fellows get it in their parcels we have always got plenty of it in the dugout.

Yes I heard that the Hogan boys had been gassed. Saw one of the chaps from their outfits the couple of weeks ago and he told me, but I haven't heard how they were getting along. I mentioned in one of my letters some time ago that Heber had dislocated his shoulder and also enclosed Laura's letter mentioning it. Have not heard from her since she had her leave but suppose Heb is OK. again by now. Gordon must be great company for you. Would like to see him. He is certainly quite a little man now isn't he
We have had it cool and showery the last few days but today is much finer again although still cool for July. Now I think I will ring off and write. to Clemmie. Will write again in the few days.

Love to all, Harold