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Date: January 25th 1919

Borough Hospital,
Jan 25, 1919

Dear Mother:

At last we have said goodbye to France and are in Blighty. Crossed yesterday and arrived here last night or rather this morning at 3:00 am. Were standing by for over a week in France waiting for a boat so were not sorry when they told us yesterday to change from our blues to khaki for crossing. We left the hospital at noon and at 1:15 we said farewell to the shores of France for good and not a bit sorry for it either. Got into Dover at 3:30 and got right aboard the train. Came by way of London where we merely stopped long enough to change engines then buzzed right along. When we arrived in Birkenhead station they had ambulances and even a number of privately owned cars to meet us and I was fortunate enough to get a drive here in a large touring car. It is a good place and best of all we get splendid grub. It is an English outfit but the Doc has just been around and we are marked for transfer to a Canadian convalescent hospital and suppose we will soon be going. Each move is a step nearer Canada and once we get into a Can. Hosp, it will not be very long before we get the boat. Of course I don't know anything definite but would not be at all surprised to be home next month and March at the latest will see us back. Of course army style they keep you convalescent for a certain time no matter if your case was very light as mine was or if you are half dead.

Got a pass for a day while in [?] and went down to see Laura and who should I meet but Heber who had just come down from near Brussels that day on pass to see her. I had a chum with me and Laura had a roommate and another chum in to tea so we had a very nice little party. Laura and Heber are both fine.

Now I must ring off for this time as I want to write some more letters for the mail, also a line to one of the boys, a line to Claude and to Clemmie. Will write again soon and hope it will not be long now until letters are unnecessary.

Love to all, Harold