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Date: February 2nd 1919

Birkenhead, Cheshire,
Feb. 2, 1919

Dear Mother:

Sunday evening and I am going to drop a line before church time. Not that I nave much news for everything is pretty dead. As you see we are still in Birkenhead but are hoping to get away to Canadian Convalescent Camp at Epsom one of these fine mornings and the sooner the better for once we get to Epsom we are well started on the way home. While here in a Tommy joint we are more or less out on our own sphere and are merely marking time but I believe we are waiting for Epsom to be cleared out and are likely to go any day. Have had no mail yet since leaving the battery. Did not write for it until I got across but was expecting it along the middle of the week. There will be about four weeks mail when it does come and I would not be sorry to get it for the home mail is one of the things most worthwhile while in our life over here. In a way I think we were lucky in getting to Birkenhead for they say there is no town in England which does more for the convalescent soldiers. We certainly have nothing to complain of for every day there is something on for us. All the picture houses are full and the three principal theatres give a free show a week for us, the Argyle on Tuesday afternoon, the Royal on Wednesday and on Friday evening the Hippodrome. On Thursday evening they have a whist drive in our quarters at which the sisters also compete for the prizes which are well worth while, fountain pens, pen knives, etc. On Sunday afternoon one of the wealthy ladies of Birkenhead gives a tea for us which makes a change from the more or less regular diet at the hospital.

Well it is almost time for church so I will say good night. Will write again during the week. By the way any more mail you send address it simply to the Army Post Office. They know where I am and will forward it.

Simply 92877 Bdr. HHS Simpson, Army P.O. London.