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Date: March 10th 1919

Epsom, Surrey,
March 10, 1919

Dear Sister Clemmie:

Have been kept busier than usual today, in fact have been on the go almost all day and after supper went over to the khaki college to some of the classes. Consequently have only time for a line before lights out. Haven't much news. Epsom does not offer anything more interesting or exciting than the pictures. Saw one very good picture at the camp cinema last night. This in addition to some of the lectures at khaki college, and occupational work when the weather permitted and the usual parades and other work connected with any job have filled my week. Have had no Canadian mail for over a fortnight. Don't know what has happened to it because it has been sent from the battery all right but has never reached me. Had a letter from Tait on Friday. They are still in Belgium about fifteen kilos from Namur and don't expect to come to Blighty for some little time yet. Al said he thought they would be over about the end of March. As you see I am still in Epsom. Expect to get out on this day in a week. Should have been away before this but several evacuations were cancelled because of the reserves being full and this has held us all up for a couple of weeks. Of course every such delay means that much longer in getting a boat. It gets rather discouraging at times for 1914 and 1915 men to be held back while conscripts who have never seen service in France or have only got out after the armistice are being sent home. Men are being sent back who haven't been away from Canada six months yet while men with four years service at the front in fighting units, married and with families, are being held back. The R.C.R's and 42nd have gone back as units although fifty percent of them are conscripts. Is in any wonder the boys are sore?

Well it is lights out so I must say goodnight
Love to all, Harold