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Date: April 6th 1941


Dear Mom,

Sunday—just another day on the calendar—marking another week behind us. Gosh! I've no idea where the time goes, it just seems to slip by unnoticed. Our final exams start one week form tomorrow as I have probably mentioned before so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. These tests mean a lot, in determining what recommendations we may get in the future—unfortunately however there are other factors involved. Now I don't want you think too much about this commission stuff. The ten top standings in the class stand a pretty fair chance of being recommended however to tell the truth I haven't any outstanding hopes. Not with my flair for rubbing the N.C.C.'s the wrong way.

However—enough of the next few weeks will decide for themselves. How does the Duchess like her Easter Rabbit? I was probably a bit early with [?] but I happened to see it in the Bay one day & thought she might like it. How are the boys making out at school? I expect Eric is making a little better headway by now.

So Ev has been posted back home—lucky dog! I'll bet he was pleased. I guess he is really going to town.

Your new home sounds great—I'd certainly love to see the place. It ought to be a killer diller when it's finished after all the searching you've done. From what I can recall you are in a swell district. Keep me posted on the progress you make with it.

When am I going to get some photos of you folks? I'd certainly like to have some good ones.

As yet I haven't had a chance to call up. Mr. Gilchrest or Mrs. Gilchrest's friends, but I'll try to get around to it in the last week before leaving here.

Write soon,
Lots of love,
Special to the Duchess