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Date: January 1944th 1944
Dave or Hugh

C/O C.F.M.O. King's House,

Jan 7/44.

Dear Shirley,

Many thanks for your letter. I'm still up in London enjoying a pleasant leave although I expect it to come to an end any day now.

I just happened to think. You're not likely to be in Plymouth now, are you? - You said something about an Air craft Factory. Are you in that now, or are you still wowing the boys in Plymouth!

The trouble with being on leave is that all one's dirty laundry keeps piling up and you get to a stage where you've got to turn your collards inside out- what a life. - This is the bottom of the page, so I guess you'd better turn over.

Bought myself a Xmas present the other day. - A wrist watch. - 2 hours after I'd bought it, it stopped. - So took it back and told them about it. He looked at it and said it was okay so out I went again. - Twenty minutes later - it stopped. - I took it back again, so the shop gave me another one. - An hour and a half later, it stopped and I took it back again.

He said he'd found out what was wrong with t he first one and had fixed it. - So out I went again - some time later - it stopped. - So, I took it back again and he gave me another one to try. 3 hours later, it was still going (fooled you, eh) and has gone ever since. Trouble is, it gains 5 minutes a day bit that's the only thing that's fast about me!

Well, that's all for now. - Tell me where you are and what you're doing and how and things and stuff. Basins of love

Hugh or Dave XXXX