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Date: July 10th 1941
Mom and Dad


Dear Mom & Dad:-

Just returned off seven days leave. Spent the whole of it in Cardiff, Wales. The week was very hot the hottest weather I've experienced in England so far. So that I've spent most of my leave on the sea shore and in swimming pools.

The Welsh people are very hospitable. Very similar to the Scotch. I never had a moment to myself, being constantly entertained by all classes of people. The last two days I spent with a bank manager. He told me to look him up first thing if I should ever go to Wales again. He only knew Sydney as their greatest rival in the coal trade. We had some hot arguements in that respect.

I received a parcel and some papers today. The parcel contained socks, soaps, tobacco, lobster etc. It was very good, all the parcels seem to be getting across OK now. We are beating the blockade.

A few weeks ago the Regt. had the opportunity of broadcasting to Canada. Only a limited number from each Coy. were allowed to participate. Unfortunately I was not one of them. Dan was however, so that J.C. and I had to relay our greetings through him. You will probably hear the broadcast before this letter reaches you.

I never actually seen him doing his stuff, but the boys tell me he was a little MIKE shy, so if he sounds a little distorted you will know what to attribute it to.

Ill have to cut this short for now

Lots of love to all

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