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Date: February 3rd 1943

B 91132 Pte Maloney MM
Headquarters Squadron
CND Army Overseas

Dear Sweetheart:

I am writing an ordinary letter to you tonight but I think but you will find this one will arrive much faster.. I hope. Howard was over here for the week end and we spent a very nice time together. I plan on going over to his camp Sunday if all is in favour. We didn't manage to go over to see Nelson because the bus connections were so poor. Hod has a seven days leave coming up in about three weeks so we plan on doing more of the things we wanted to do this week. Darling please send me a cable of something of the sort so I will have some very recent news of you. Your letters are coming through regularly but they aren't fast enough just at this time. You understand what I mean. How are you feeling dear. I doubt very much if you will be able to send an air graph similar to this but a cable would certainly help. I am feeling fine as usual, no complaints whatever except that I really do miss you very much.

Howard looks really well doesn't he. He is still trying to secure a transfer but I doubt very much if he will get it. How is Mom Silverthorn Peg? Please tell me more of her in your next letter. When is she going to have her operation? Have any plans been made in this regard? Tell her I am writing real soon. I believe I asked to have you convey this message to her in my last airgraph letter. What do you think of these things Peg? Are they worth the effort? I hope they are faster than anything we have tried yet. We still haven't any snow over here believe it or not. We had one little snow storm that lasted about two days then all disappeared. Since then we have had perfect weather. Lots of sunshine etc. You will be up to your neck in snow over there by now. I sure wish I was there to enjoy it dear. Hod told me all about how comfortable your rooms were and how nice they looked. It made me feel pretty homesick. You know how it is. Peggy I would give most anything to be there for this coming month. Take care of yourself won't you? I haven't had a letter from Nels lately but maybe it is my fault. I haven't written lately, at least not to him. What is the amount of the cheque you receive now? If I understand your last letter correctly there is something definitely wrong. I want to chase it up if you aren't receiving the full amount. Are you not drawing $ 65.00 at the present time, not considering the new amount added? Please let me know as soon as possible. MY assignment to you is $ 30.00 and if you aren't it someone else is for I'm not.

Must close now sweetheart. I send you all my love dear. Don't forget to send along that cable as soon as you can

Faithfully yours


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