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Date: January 26th 1942

B 91132 PTE Maloney M M
Headquarters Squadron
4 CDN Armoured Division
Canadian Army Overseas

Date 26 January 42

Hello Peggy Dear

Since the last air graph I have received about six letters from you. They were all ordinary letters but exceptionally recent. I hope you have received the first of my air graph series by now so that you will be able to let me know if they are satisfactory. I still haven't had a letter from Howard. I hope that it isn't due to a move on his part. This is possible you know. Next Monday I am going on a forty eight hour leave with Doug. He wants me to go down to London with him. As I have never had a short leave since my arrival here I shouldn't have any trouble in securing it. As we won't have very much time we won't enjoy ourselves as otherwise. It will just be a change to get away from the camp for a few hours. This is definitely appreciated. Believe me. This time I want to see Madame Tussaud's exhibition. Remember me telling you about it? Doug has been there and tells me it is well worth the effort. How is everything now Darling? I sincerely hope you are still feeling as well as you have been. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the cable I asked you to shoot over to me. I received the letter in which you tell me you are going to hospital on the twenty second of Feb. Your hubby is awfully jittery honey. We are being kept pretty busy at present. There is always plenty to do here at HQ. Did I tell you in on e of my recent letters that Gerald Riley wrote again and sent me a snap of his wife. I have no idea why he did this. I also had a letter from Ed Vernum again. He is still in Toronto but expects to go on a tour of duty all over Ont. Jim Caverly is very pleased to know that you and Dorothy are writing each other. The picture you sent her is one that Jim has been asking me to give him for a long time. I refused him because it is the only copy I have. He is satisfied now that Dorothy has one. I am still feeling fine dear. Haven't had any more trouble with the snozzle. You asked me to send you a full account of the sinus situation so am doing so in an ordinary letter to morrow. Some of my letters must have gone down for I described everything as it occurred. You are being very faithful with your letters Darling and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. After February you will be a very busy girl won't you? What do you think of it now Honey? Aren't you a bit jittery yourself? My thoughts are with you every second Darling. Take the best care of yourself won't you? Your letters are rather disconcerting Honey You keep writing "our wee fellow". Do you really think so? If this should be the case it really will be expected as far as I am concerned. It always happens you know.

All my love Darling and all my kisses.

Faithfully yours with love.


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