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Date: 5

Creeping boulevard, a splangled teem,
Alleys that wind like a dope fiends dream.
Flowers blooming on the side of a hill,
A Sidewalk latrine, with privacy nill.
Two by four shops with shelving all bare,
Gesturing merchants, arms flailing the air.
Narrow gauge sidewalks, more like a shelf;
A butt pulling youngster, scratching himself.
Lumbering carts, hogging the road,
Non-descript trucks, frequently towed.
Diminutive donkeys, loaded for bear,
Horse drawn taxis, seeking a fare.

Determined pedestrians courting disaster,
Walking in gutters, where movement is faster.
Italian drivers all accident bound,
Heaving and twisting to cover the ground.
Homemade brooms, weeds tied to a stick,
Used on the streets to sweep up the brick.
Bicycles and push carts blocking your path,
Street corner politicians needing a bath.
Barbers galore with manners quite mild,
Prolific women all heavy with child;
Il Duces secret weapons - kids by the score
Caused by the bonus which is no more.

Arrogant wretches, picking up snipes
Miniature Fiats - various types,
Young street singer, band organ tune,
Shoe-shining boys, a sidewalk saloon.
A beauteous maiden, a smile on her face,
With a breath of garlic fouling the place.
Listless housewife, no shoes on her feet,
Washing and cooking out on the street.

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