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Date: October 1918

October, 1918

Dear Sister

Just a few lines to let you no we are all better Marshall had a convultion last week the schools show churches and every thing are closed here. about a dozen people have died from it. I just received a telegram this morning + I was afraid to open it it read

Mrs. Lulu Desmond
13233 Sincerely regret to inform you3356275 Pte. Earl Bolton machine gun officially reported admitted fourth General Hospital Dannes Carriers Oct 3rd Gunshot wound left leg.
Director of records.

I am glad it was not worse he wrote about three weeks ago for me to cable him $ 25 + he never put no address on only some where in France so I tried every place to send it it but they refused as that address would not reach him so a couple of weeks ago he wrote to Annie + put his address on so last Monday I cabbled him the $ 25 00 + it cost $ 3.25 to cable. I went back to the bank to see if he got it the cable went through all right but I would not no till he answers back I hope he got it for maybe he will need something while he is in the hospital I am going to send a box soon + a sweater Dave Jewhurst is in Ottawa waiting to go to Siberia May feels pretty bad she is home. she made me a velvet hat that shade of my suite it just cost $ 2 00 + it is real nice. our house won't be ready for us this winter so I am looking for a house floors house is empty + they are papering it [?] it up I never saw a house in such a state + he wants $ 18 when he fixes it so will said he would not give it to him so I am on the lookout for another house will it is 11 o'clock + I have to get dinner this is Thanksgiving day + raining + cold how is the Spanish influenza over in Detroit 11 died in Toronto in one day in hospital. it's a desease the soldiers brought some are just sick a day or so Mrs. George wood died here just sick three days phemonia sets in I think we got through lucky I had to have the doctor I thought I was all in it leaves you so week I am taking wampoles no + feeling better

Well I will close love to all from Lulu

I received this telegram this morning that Earl had died he died 9th Oct, wounded 3 Oct.