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Date: November 9th 1917

Nov 9/17

Dear Mother:-

Rec'd your letter of Oct 10th. I'm still feeling alright. Did I tell you that Syd had gone to hospital with tonsillitis? I have not heard from him yet.

Dad was over to see me, but I was away and I missed him. Don't think I'll have a chance to see him as we are moving. Rather tough luck, wasn't it?

I hear from Jack occasionally. He is now at the Manitoba Regimental Depot at Shorncliffe.

I see Ronald Lowe quite often. He is our brigade gas sergeant.

Had a letter from Miss Pyrke not long ago. She seems to be quite fed up with country life and would like to get back to Winnipeg again.

All the boys are beginning to get their parcels now and we're living pretty good.

I managed to get over to the 47th Batt. For the first time, to look up Ford Hawkes. They told me he was killed. I'm afraid it will hit the folks pretty hard, especially Aunt Edie, she being in such a poor state of health.

Saw Billy Throp, Fred Stone & Wheatley. Jack Baillie has a good job as a stenographer.

I guess Bessie will have passed her sixteenth birthday by the time you get this.

The weather is getting pretty cold and nasty and I guess we can look forward to another long winter out here. It's nearly a year I've been out here now.

Well there's nothing to write about so I'll close hoping this finds you all O.K.

Nov 12.

Have not had a chance to mail this till now. Rec'd the parcel of candies O.K. although they are a little squished up, but we managed to eat them alright.

Have heard from Syd. He's been between the sheets 3 weeks enjoying himself fine.

Much love