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Date: August 6th 1918

Finborough Hall

Dear Mother,

Have just received one of your letters from the record office among a bunch of others. It is four weeks since I got to this hospital.

Bessie seems to be having a good time in Vancouver and I don't blame her but I guess you and Phil are having a pretty slow time of it.

You are right about not caring about what we do after the war as long as we are all together. Believe me any kind of a shack will look good to me. I think I will find things pretty quiet at first but I will soon get used to that if I have some good books to read.

This is a very quiet place but I don't expect to be here for long as I was marked down for Epsom last week. The weather is lovely and it makes me quite homesick to smell the newly cut hay. It is all farming country around here. Say, you should see the horses. They are most of them "Suffolk punches" and a pure chestnut or sorrel. We have a real live English squire who goes to church in knickers and an eye glass. Of course he wears a coat but that is a mere detail.

According to Fred's letter Arthur is looking for land. I think he will get stung if he looks for it in Manitoba. Gordon Beatty has bought land in Alberta. I wonder if he will do any good with it. I have a hunch that he is not much of a manager or he would have been married by now after all the years he has been farming. The Viger boys sem to have got fixed up in that direction. By the way do you ever get any news of the Sparrow boys?

Syd seems to be stretching it out at Seaford all right. He sent me a £ the other day.

Love to all.


P.S. Mrs. Row had a nice letter from you a month ago.