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Date: August 7th 1917

Robertson Street Congregational Church
Soldiers Club
Can. School of Stenography
Aug 7th 1917

Dear Mother,

Rec'd a letter from you the other day dated July 14th but I have not received your parcel yet, but I expect I will get it some time.

I was very glad to hear that Bessie had landed a job again as she will be more contented and it will make it better for you. Did she complete her course all right? I expect I shall get my course through all right, but it is hardly long enough to make one efficient (3 months). I get along with the shorthand all right but it is monotonous learning to type. I am now on my fourth week and have eight more to do. It is away ahead of doing my physical "jerks" anyhow and we have good quarters and a proper mess room with dishes & oil cloth on the table.

Well Dad got his leave from the front at last and was in Hastings a couple of days. He went from here up to Edinborough or at least he had his pass made out for there. I made arrangements with him to meet at the Maple Leaf Club in London on the Saturday morning as I could not go with him during the week on account of the course. I went up to London from Prescott Row's Saturday morning and when he did not turn up I went back to Row's and put in a nice little weekend with them and visited the Groses and Thornburys.

Dad gave me a pound sterling so I was just able to do it with my one pound ten shilling pay. It's just like going home to get up to Croydon now. Dad was looking in the pink of condition and all the boys thought I was joking when I said he was my father. He doesn't look over forty.

I have not heard from the boys for a long time except through wounded fellows who say they are looking fine.

Love to all.