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Date: August 25th 1915

Robertson Street Congregational Church
Soldiers' Club
S. of Stenography
Robertson Street Hall
Hastings, Sussex
25 Aug 17

Dear Mother,

I was just thinking that it was over two weeks since I wrote to you, but I have been so busy doing overtime on the shorthand that I have let the letter writing slide.

I had a letter from Uncle Fred the other day saying he had got a raise of pay and asking if I had forgotten him.

Dad wrote me about a week ago but did not have much to say except that he was sorry he had not seen me again before he went back to the front. It'll soon be a month since he had his leave.

I have not heard from either of the boys for a long while but Mrs. P. Row had a letter from Syd a couple of weeks ago.

I don't know whether I shall make good on this course as I have just scraped through on the first two exams and it is getting stiffer all the time. I've finished my sixth week and I have six more to go. I start speed practice on Monday.

Well anyhow I have missed two medical boards since I have been at the school and thus escaped being marked fit for training again. If I do get a board I shall likely get marked fit but I have had a good run for my money.

How is Phil getting along at Bob Owens? Is Bessie getting on all right? Give my love to all.

Your loving son