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Date: December 16th 1917

Man. Reg. Depot
Shorncliffe, Kent
Dec 16th 17

Dear Mother,

I received your neat little Xmas parcel last night, in good condition. The cake was sampled today and pronounced first rate. It is quite a novelty to see over here as they are taboo over here on account of the sugar shortage.

I had a card from Syd dated 10th saying he was alright and had got the 10 shilling note all O.K. so I sent him another.

Mrs. Prescott Row sent me a very nice letter telling me to move everything to get up for Xmas. I told her I should certainly do my best. When I want leave is when Syd is sent down to Convalescent. I expect he will either go to Epsom or Uxbridge.

We are having awful weather here today. I can't help thinking of the boys up the line.

Did I tell you in my last letter that I ran into Howard Hennessy? He was looking well and happy. He is on the Military Police in this area.

I have not heard from Dad for a long time; have you? Last letter I had from Frank he seems alright except for the weather. Do you hear from him often? By the way, did you ever get that assignment of pay from him? I guess you are having an awful time making things go but don't worry, dear. It's a good thing and I am awful thankful that there are no little children to look after and none of us are married.

So Hughie Barker enlisted at last, did he? What did his mother have to say about it? How did Billy Mann get wounded? He must have been with a field medical unit. Does his wife live in the ‘Peg?

How is Philip getting on at school anyhow? Is he as thick headed as I was? Do you think he will ever get his certificates? I am glad Bessie has done alright. Do you have the same trouble keeping Philip in school? If you don't think he is worth keeping you had better put him into a trade for three years. Let me know about this and keep me posted.

Well, dear, give my love to all.