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Date: December 21st 1915

Dec 21st 15

Dear Mother:-

I received 3 letters from you this week. One of Oct 28th, Nov 12th, and Nov 17th. I also had a letter from Fred and Percy.

I was very surprised to hear about Uncle Arthur selling his store and enlisting. It was a kind of a rash thing to do for a man that had been making money like he was, but it sets a good example when a man of 44 sells his business and enlists. But then he's better able to enlist than some married men because if he died they would still be well fixed and even if he were crippled he could still run his store and he is as spry as a man of 25. He used to give me all I wanted to do when we used to run down to the store in the mornings. I wish him the best of luck and hope he will like it when he gets a broken down insurance agent for a platoon sergeant and one of those commercial travellers that he used to curse at for his officer. Then he will wonder why he feels like committing murder when he is inspected and gets fined and reprimanded for not shaving.

I am glad to hear that Frank is home again and going to try for his first class standing after Xmas.

Well we have each paid in five francs for an Xmas dinner as we drew 65 francs last week. All the Canucks drew 65 francs for Xmas so they can have a kind of a good time. I tell you I sure was glad to get mine as I was able to have a good square feed for once.

On Sunday I went down to the town for dinner and supper. For dinner I had pork chops, salad, soup, chips and Worcester sauce. For supper I went to the canteen and had herrings and chips, pineapple and some trifle and believe me I felt more like a human being. When you are on the straight rations you are hungry all the time unless you feel like filling up on bully beef and biscuit.

We had to come in early today on account of the rain so I am taking the opportunity to get level with my letters.

Well by the time you get this letter the Xmas excitement will be over. I wish you would send me a photo of you all as I have no photo of anyone.

Love to all.