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Date: February 13th 1918

Man. Reg. Depot
Shorncliffe, Kent
Feb 13th 18

Dear Mother:-

Have not written to you for a couple of weeks as I have been expecting to move any day. I shall write and let you know as soon as I get moved.

I have had a letter from Frank, saying he has seen Dad, who is down with the rest of the Canadians now. Syd wrote me to say that he had just been decorated and liable to go to Epsom any day.

We are enjoying pretty decent weather just now and I hope it lasts although it has been a pretty good winter. I saw Howard Hennessy yesterday. He was expecting to start with a party for Canada today. He is looking fine.

I am fit as a fiddle and knocking around doing nothing, as usual. Archie McElheren is now over at 11th Reserve Battalion and is now a full-fledged lieutenant. I have not seen him but they say he is looking well. Norman Rodgers, his chum, is also over there. He is a sergeant. I go over there every now and again to see some of the old boys, so I expect I shall into him soon. My old chum Red McMurphy is over there.

Well I suppose things are pretty slow in Canada just now but I expect the Exemption Tribunals are busy. They won't be bothered by Rows much anyhow.

Is Bessie still holding down her job and Philip still going to school regularly? You never told me if he is doing any good.

When is Hugh Barker coming over to England?

Frank tells me in his letter that Uncle Arthur is now up north. Blacksmithing for the Forestry Corps, I suppose. He is a wise guy alright but it would look better if he took a spell at the front. There are too many of these heroes who stay in England. How old is Arthur anyhow? Please let me know as Syd and I had an argument. Syd says he is over age.

I have not had a letter from you for some time. I hope you are getting along all O.K., just cut out the worrying.

Remember me to the folks and give my love to the kids