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Date: January 8th 1916

Jan 8th 16

Dear Mother:-

Received your letter tonight just as we returned from the baths. Also had one from Syd & Dad. Your Xmas parcels arrived on the 3rd inst. With one from Boston. Everything was O.K. and the boys all said that yours was the best cake they had tasted this Xmas and believe me there were quite a few arrived. I myself thought yours had excelled any of your previous efforts.

I received a tin of tobacco the day before Xmas. It's no use sending tobacco unless it is disguised in a roll of paper or put in a gum box and sewed up in a piece of cotton. I have not rec'd any tobacco except what I had in this last parcel. I was sure glad to get the tobacco as it costs about ten francs a month to keep me in tobacco which means just 1/3 of my spending money. Be sure and thank Mrs. Chalk for the cigars and tell her they are just the brand I like.

I think you were very foolish to mention to Dad anything about money that you had subscribed to a good cause because he is so unreasonable about money matters. You get your allowance and it is nothing to do with him what you do with it. As far as I'm concerned I know that if you can't handle money to the best advantage nobody else in the family can. So don't worry.

I am glad to hear Frank is still holding down his job. Sorry to hear that he is suffering from rheumatics. He must have got it while harvesting. You can tell him that he would be very foolish to enlist because he would be doubled up with it before he hit the trenches. It's the worst enemy the boys have, because their feet are never dry, to say nothing of their legs.

We are being better fed now as they have cut out the bully beef & biscuits and giving us more bread and fresh meat.

I rec'd your mitts O.K. If you get the chance I wish you would send me a pair of leather working gloves as they are very handy in the bush. I am well fixed for working gloves and sox.

Well dear give my love to all as it is bedtime. Goodnight.


P.S. I thought Billy Armstrong was in the trenches.