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Date: July 20th 1915

Otterpool Camp
Kent, England
Tue 20 July ‘15

Dear Mother,

As you will see by the above address we have just moved camp today. Do not address letters to it however but to Military Post Office, London. That is the permanent address as it will find us anywhere. All the letters go there anyhow.

We have a dandy camp now, green grass and trees. The only thing I am sorry about is that we are farther from Dad's barracks, about 8 miles.

Syd had a weekend up to London Saturday and Sunday. He had a dandy time. I went over to see Dad on Sunday. He got off duty at six and we walked down into Hythe and the other two little towns between it and Folkstone and then we took the motor bus and had a look at Folkstone as it was the first time Dad had been downtown since he'd been here. He is in charge of a ward nearly every day and is kept pretty well on the hop.

I went to the theatre on Saturday night with Red McMurphy, whose people live by St. James Park on Canora Street in Winnipeg. The play was called " The Yeomen of the Guard. Good music and costumes, Beefeaters and a jester, a dancing girl, and also an executioner in one scene with a big axe and a block. First good show we've been to.

Been pretty busy today moving camp. The 28th and ourselves struck tents, moved camp six miles and pitched tents, all between 6 and 12:30. We had this afternoon off to settle down and this evening. I washed clothes, 1 suit underwear, 3 pr socks and towel in cold water, some mean job.

It's fine, might clear, and cold like a fall night. We've had very uncertain weather last week or two.

Last Saturday the whole bunch of Canadians were received by Sam Hughes and Robert Borden. It was quite a sight. It was held in a nice level, green field, about 30,000 men with bayonets fixed, a lot of big bugs and Red Cross nurses, also wounded soldiers. We marched past in platoons. We were all handled by brigades. Four battalions marching en mass looks fine but it's only a drop in the bucket.

How's Pat and his girl getting along, also Flornce and Evert? Remember me to everyone and give my love by all also.