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Date: March 6th 1916

March 6th 16

Dear Mother:-

Received your welcome letter a week today dated Feb 9th together with the gloves. The gloves are very welcome as we are cleaning up the scrub, so they save my hands a lot of scratches.

Things are very wet in the bush again as we had a heavy snowfall this morning.

I received a pipe from Grandad last week which was posted on Feb 2nd so it was just a month in coming. Pretty good for war time. It was very welcome as I had very bad luck with my pipes lately and a fellow hates paying 2 francs out of 15 on payday. I bit the stem off that little pipe you sent me. I'll give you a pointer- always see that a pipe has a broad flat mouthpiece when you are buying one for me.

I had a card from Syd last night dated the 2nd saying he was being sent to the base but I expect it is on some errand or other.

I was over to our old billets, about six miles away, yesterday. The old lady whose house we used to write and read in the evening made a great fuss and made us stay for dinner and supper. She said she cried when we left her place as the Canadians were bon camarade. Most of the people are very good and would do anything to oblige us. I showed the madame the photo of the family and she said it was a nice family but rather small. She herself has five sons in the army as well as 6 underage for the army also 2 or 3 very nice daughters.

Well dear I am keeping very well and happy although it becomes rather montonous at times but still we are having a snap compared with the boys up the line. Our canteen is very handy although rather small but as there are soldiers everywhere we are lucky to be able to rent even a small house for the purpose.

I have not heard from Dad for quite a while either.

Love to all.


P.S. Have made a remittance of $40.00 to you to be banked for after the war.