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Date: March 7th 1916

March 7th 16

Dear Grandad:-

Received one pkge of tobacco about two weeks ago, also last week I received a pipe mailed on Feb 2nd. Both articles were very welcome as I only had one pipe left. You couldn't have picked out a more useful one if you had thought for a week. It just took exactly a month to reach me so I thought that was not too bad in wartime.

Well how are you keeping anyhow. I sure wish I could see you this summer but then what's the use of talking.

I think Dad must be in France as I have not heard from him in some time although I wrote to him about two weeks ago.

I was quite surprised today when one of the boys showed me a robin as it was not much bigger than a sparrow and all puffed out on account of the cold. We had another snowfall today which started early this morning and kept up pretty steadily all forenoon. We had had snow the week before last which kept up for 5 or 6 days but melted on Monday last.

I was up to the battalion to see Syd and the rest of the boys a week or two ago. Syd was looking very well but there were very few of the old platoon left, but then five months in France makes a big difference. Strange faces everywhere. Some have been promoted, some killed, some on detail jobs like myself. Syd still has his team and seems to be taking good care of them. The battalion happened to be out for a rest when I was up so saw them all.

Well old boy I've got ton get out as it is 8 o'clock and time to close off.

Your affectionate grandson,