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Date: March 20th 1916

March 20th 16

Dear Mother:-

Rec'd your very welcome letter of Feb 23rd last week with one from Philip enclosed, also a plug of chewing tobacco. I received a box of cigars from Fred tonight and a letter two days ago answering the one that I wrote him after Xmas.

I have not heard from Dad for a long while but Syd seems to be still going strong. Dad told me in one of his letters that he received your parcel of tobacco O.K. I have received everything that has been sent to me so far as I can figure out.

Fred tells me in his letter that young Ford Hawkes has joined up. Well I guess it won't hurt him any. What is Uncle Arthur's battalion & rank? I wish you would let me know his full address and any other particulars about him. Thank Philip very much for his letter and tell him to keep it up.

Well dear we are still having very nice weather here and spring work is in full swing although of course they can work on the land here all the year round in some of the districts. Around where we are working some of the fields are beginning to get quite green. The buds are beginning to come on the trees but they say we can look for some mean weather yet. We don't need rain but the wet weather we had was certainly miserable as no boot made would keep it out, however the mud is drying up fine and our feet are pretty dry unless we happen to hit too many mud holes.

Our canteen is still going strong so we are able to buy tinned stuff etc. when we have money.

Well I guess I'll have to bring this scrawl to a close. Remember me to all. Love to the kids and yourself.