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Date: February 25th 1916
George Leslie

Toronto, Feb. 25, 1916

Dear Cath:

We arrived O.K. Tuesday P.M. and have again settled down to our usual routine. We just got back from the Y.M.C. and have the rest of the afternoon to ourselves so I have a chance to write a few letters. I make it a point to do most of my letter writing on Friday.

And say � of all the luck!! You know Whit. said he wished I could have waited until tomorrow to go home so as to have been there for anniversary services. Waiting didn't appeal to me at the time but now I wish I had put it off, for in our orders for today was a notice that the whole battalion will be inocculated tomorrow morning. I've been looking forward to this inocculation for some time for I have talked with several fellows who have had their turn at it and they say most of the men are laid up for about three days afterwards. You see we all have to be inocculated three times and vaccinated once, with an interval of a week between each treatment, in order to prevent contagious diseases. So if you don't get a letter next week you'll know the reason why. But then its got to be done so what's the use of worrying eh what?

I went over to see Eileen last evening and had quite a nice talk about the "old folks at home." She wanted to go to Ridgetown with me you know (perhaps I told you) but couldn't get her father's permission. But then she and Gladys are leaving Toronto for good at Easter so they will likely stop over at our place on their way home. She seemed very anxious to have me go back with them and has persuaded me to ask for another leave of absence then. On thinking it over, I came to the conclusion that it won't do any harm to ask even if I don't get it and then there's a chance�. Moreover I expect to be all decked out in kilt & Sporran by that time so you'll be able to see what a real Scotsman looks like.

We were very sorry to hear of Mac Eastlake's death yesterday. The poor chap put up a good fight and it seems rather hard times that it should end that way. Harold had a card from his father and he told us about it.

We went for a dandy route march Wednesday afternoon away up through Rosedale, and to tell the truth Cath. I never knew there was such lovely scenery around this part of the country. It must be perfectly excruciating in the summer time and I am going to have my old bus down here if it costs me .50 cents. (Do you get that? -.50 cents).

I brought my gliders down with me but haven't had a chance to use them yet on a/c the weather. It snowed to beat the cars last night & today it has been thawing - and that reminds me. We had a regular battle on the parade ground at noon before "fall in" was sounded. It started by one or two fellows throwing an odd snowball here & there but in a few minutes nearly the whole battalion was in it & when you get about 1000 men throwing the pills as fast as they can make them it gets rather exciting. But would you believe it - I didn't get hit once although I made some pretty fair hits myself.

Well I guess I'll have to wind up. As usual, "I have no news this time but will try to do better next time."