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Date: April 10th 1916
George Leslie

Toronto Ex.
Apr. 10, 1916

Dear Cath:

I haven't time to write very much and am not going to be very particular about the kind of writing I do do, for we have just had our mid day meal and have to fall in again in a few minutes.

I suppose you have already taken note of the paper and ink I am using but I just found out last week there was a writing room at the disposal of the troops at the Camp Y.M.C.A so I am going to take advantage of it while we are in Toronto. I must say however that I think I will buy me a pen of my own for these here are positively rotten. For various reasons I was unable to write last week but then you know the old proverb - better late than never.

We have begun to feel right at home here now and I like it a whole lot better than I thought I would. The officers are all so good and do everything possible to make things pleasant & comfortable for us.

I heard from Harold that Mr. M.J. was getting into more trouble. Is it true that he is mixed up in a lawsuit with Mr. Morrison? There's no use talking, our minister certainly has some nerve anyway (but I suppose it's only natural that he should have something to make up for his lack of brains).

Say, are you going to be in town for Easter? Lawrence & I went into the major about half an hour ago and asked him for 3� days leave next week. He asked us if we had had many passes lately & I said no, we had only had one since we enlisted and that was given us in February so he said "All right, I'll give it to you!" You see all the men are entitled to week-end passes (over Sunday) every second week, but we haven't been asking for ours. If we had the chances are we wouldn't have made out so well. We will be in town a week from Friday night and if there is any choir practice I will likely be there.

So Violet & Craigie are getting quite thick! Well of all things!! That was a real surprise for me all right and you may lay to that. And by the way, I've never heard a word from Violet La V. since I wrote her some three weeks ago. I certainly won't bother wasting any more good paper on her - not that I'm at all anxious to hear from her, but I've got some excuse for myself now.

I heard from both [Mickle?] and "Charles" last week. What do you know about that? Mac. really wrote me a nice long interesting letter. He wanted to know if there was to be another Highland regiment formed here. He thinks he will be ready to join in the summer if that is the case. I understand the 48th is going to raise another battalion in a short time.

Well I really must close or I'll be late for roll call and that must not happen between now and Good Friday. So "aux armes!!!" Formez vos battalion.