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Date: April 16th 1916
George Leslie

Toronto Exhibition
Sunday, Apr. 16, 1916

Dear Cath:

I haven't the slightest idea of what I am going to write about for I don't know of anything which might interest you in the least, but I may be able to give you a little news towards the end of the week in a more satisfactory manner.

I saw an account in the Plaindealer and also in the Dominion of the recruiting meeting. Is that Captain Dancey(?) the man that spoke at the big meeting they had there before Xmas? You remember the talk given by a certain captain at that meeting and how interesting it was. From what the papers say and the account you gave of this fellow, he certainly must have been great.

Mrs. Coyne & Benson were down today looking through our quarters & Lawrence and I went for a walk with them around the grounds. We had quite a nice time until it started to rain about 4 o'clock. It didn't rain very much but it still looks rather threatening and I think we will get a shower before long. Dr. wasn't feeling very well so he didn't come. There is always a large crowd of visitors here on Sundays if the weather is fine for on that day the grounds are open to the public.

I'm sure you must have had a dandy time at Blenheim last week. I had a letter from Violet Friday and she gave quite a glowing description of it. But she doesn't like Blenheim Guild nearly as well as ours - poor thing, she's never satisfied with anything that's not associated with Lurin or some of those wonderful places out that way where her "cousins and gentleman friends" have their dwelling.

Well, I see by my watch that it is 6.30 and I will be late for church unless I leave right away. So I guess I had better bid you good-bye until Friday or Saturday. I am going up to Royce Avenue to see Mr. Dunn. I have really begun to feel right at home up there now. I suppose you will be getting ready - you won't be putting on your Easter Bonnet of course - not till next Sunday - to go to church too just about now. Where are you going to the Presbyterian or Salvation Army?