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Date: April 1916
George Leslie

Toronto Exhibition
Tuesday, 5.30P.M. [April 1916]

Dear Cath:

I am certainly writing under difficulties tonight (quite a frequent occurrence I guess eh what?) for the 81st and 83rd battalions are leaving for the front in half an hour and this building is simply jammed full of soldiers and friends who are here to see them off. The noise is enough to discourage anyone trying to write letters. I never saw such a crowd in my life - you would almost think it was exhibition time - the grounds have been crowded all afternoon. I hear that the 92nd Highlanders are on their final leave now and they will likely leave this week.

I haven't opened that box of fudge yet because I know it won't last long once I do. There is great satisfaction in knowing that it is still there but I can't wait forever so I think I shall open it tonight.

Saw what do you know about this! - Lawrence got a note this morning requesting the presence of himself and me at a reunion of all the Ridgetown people in the city at the residence of Dr. Clark 455 Huron St. It was signed by Frances Marr. You know doubt know how much the Scherers think of the Marr's and of F.M. in particular but we are going to go if we can get midnight passes. We have asked for the passes but I doubt very much if we will get them. I think we will have a good time though, if we do go.

I had to go to the doctor this morning and have my food bandaged up so I didn't do any drilling today. Instead of that I was handed a broom and allowed to sweep the barracks. I think I will be O.K. in the morning but I know I won't go on sick parade again. - I'd sooner drill.

How are Bobs and little Margaret and the rest of the family? Hope everyone is well. Well the 81st are lining up to get on the train now and I want to see them go so I'll continue this in the next issue.

So long,