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Date: April 11th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

April 11th 1944

Dear Folks.

Well I received your most welcome letter to-day at noon so the afternoon here is pretty slack so I thought I would take this opportunity to answer your letter. It was written on the 26th of March.

The weathers been quite changeable around here lately you never know what it is going to do.

I was flying for a while last night and then before I went to bed I took some bread from the mess back to the barracks and had some cheese sandwiches. They sure were good even if we didn't have any butter on them.

I got a letter from Earl W. to day and he is getting along OK and likes it fine. Does he know anything about his dad he never says anything in his letters about it.

So Florence got married eh good for her has anything more come of Archie romance yet when is the fatal hr.

Glad to hear that June is doing so well in her work I suppose she is beginning to like Assiniboia more and more all the time,

I sent you a list of what would be good to send I suppose you should have the letter by now but the last parcel was just about right. Those soups are really good. The only trouble is that it is a hard job to get water hot around here for we so seldom have a fire in the hut. But I had a dish of it the other night and it was really a nice night cap. Some of the boys here from Canada get a lot of can good such at pork and beans spam etc.

Our barracks are about the same as back in Canada except as for the washing facilities and the heating. We have two small heaters in the barracks and coke to burn in them not coal.

I haven't gotten the call yet nor the cigarettes but they will be here in time I hope.

No I didn't see Buckingham Palace while I was in London for I was only there about three hours of my leave.

I don't know why my mail isn't getting through I write on the average of two letters a week to you. I am getting your mail OK so I hope mine starts going through to you.

Our grub here isn't to bad we get an egg about every other morning and oranges about twice a week and a lot of mutton and bread sausages. Coco for supper coffee for lunch and tea for Breakfast. I signed another $150 in war bonds yesterday to start on the sixth victory loan.

Well I guess this is all for now so say hello to all.

With Oceans of Love

Your son