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Date: April 20th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

April 20th 1941
St. Thomas

Dear folks,

I received your letter on Friday and the parcel came on Saturday and boy were the cookies good. But it sure cost enough to send them.

Well the quarenteen is being lifted to-morrow and the biggest part of the station is going on leave for 72 hours. I am planning on going to Uncle Lorne then over to Grandads. Everybody is preparing for it such as pressing their suits etc.

They are going to disinfect the barracks while we are away so I here.

When I was in the hospital the orderly would take our letters out for us. They weren't suppose to but they did.

I kind of had an idea that I was inoculated for Dip but I wasn't sure.

The cookies were great they were mellow instead of being hard and dry.

Well I did some bargaining last night I traded an orderly out of the hospital my watch &15 for his watch which was a Bulova, waterproof, Dustproof, shockproof, etc. and it is 3 months old he wanted the money bad for his leave that was coming up and I was able to jew him down 5.00 he wanted 20 &my watch to start with. It sure has kept perfect time for the present. There is a 5 yr guarantee with it. The orderly said it cost 37.00.

There sure must be a lot of pigs out there now close to 60 isn't there.

Boy I wish Dad had bought that engine last year for if he had I sure wouldn't be here now. Send me a picture of it soon will you. I sure would like to drive it for a while this spring.

What's happening to Zenith district anyway 3 new engines a new car etc. it sure must be a lively district.

I just finished pressing my suit just now.

Cecil didn't get the letter that I sent to him from the hospital so he won't be writing you now.

These last few days have been pretty miserable for it is cold and raining of and on.

I have two films to take or I mean Cecil has one and I have one so I will be sending some pictures soon. I have a ticket to get my portrait in color up at St. Thomas Just as soon as I can get up to get it.

I went to church this morning we were all paraded over to the drill hall where the church is held.

They are building a Hostess hall out in front of the grounds I guess it will be for dances and movies.

Well I guess this all for now so I guess I will close hope this finds you all well.

With love

Your son

PS I can put my money in a savings account at our main post office.