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Date: April 20th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

April 20th 1941

St Thomas

Dear June.

It sure was great to get your letter June and thanks for the cookies they are good.

Well how do you like your new teacher the name does sound funny you would think it was the name of a Battleship (Ironsides).

June will you send me a list of when all the Birthdays are at home I can't remember them at all although I should I have been around 18 years.

I sure laughed when I read about you shooting at Bobby with my old bow.

I sure hope I don't get Diphtheria for when you get the disease the shoot about half a cup fluid into your hip through a needle that is about 3 inches long and they push the needle almost all the way and boy does it hurt. I saw them filling the needle when I was in the hospital.

Well June I guess this is all for now

With Love

PS Say have you tried to ride my bike yet get Earl to fix it up for you it is in Bad shape right now. But be sure and learn to ride it.