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Date: April 21st 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

April 21st 1944
RCAF Overseas

Dear Folks.

Well here I am again and still kicking. It is a beautiful day out to-day we are feeling the heat of the sun for a change.

I got your airgraph day before yesterday and I had a day off yesterday so I thought I had better answer it to-day.

Yes we flew three days strait then they gave us a day off so the whole crew went into Banbury for the afternoon. All we did was eat and see shows in fact we eat four times and saw two shows in one afternoon then we came back to camp that night about nine oclock.

I get a letter from Aunt Thurza every week but she doesn't say anything in them they are usually airgraph. She writes about ten lines.

So your trip your Regina turned out OK eh, good. Well your not the only one that is buying something I bought myself a wheel or a bicycle. They call them wheels for short over here yes I got it yesterday I payed 5pounds for it its second hand but it wasn't a bad by I don't think. It's a speed bicycle one of those where you lay on the handle bars. Our whole crew has one now except for one and I imagine he will be having one soon.

I got the two letters that you forwarded on to me yesterday one was a xmas card kind of late eh. Well how is every body at home did June and Winnie make out OK while you and Dad were away.

Are you still living in town and for how long. How is Leila I hope she is well by now. Lorne sure doesn't get the breaks does he. I would like for you to send me some marine in the next parcel that you send.

Has Morrison or Ronnie come over yet Moe should be over here by now. I am getting some leave in a couple of weeks or so at least that is if nothing bothers it. I hope to get about 7or 10 days that will be the finishing of my training but they say you are never finished learning over here.

Well I guess I will have to draw this thing to a close so I guess I will have to say Good Bye for now Say hello to all

With Oceans of Love