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Date: April 23rd 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

April 23rd 1944
RCAF Overseas.

Dear Mother Dad June & Gerald.

Well here I am again, it is Sunday to day and a beautiful day it is I can actually feel the heat of the sun to day. It sure is lazy weather though for the air is so damp I often wondered what gave the Englishmen the lack of ambition and I believe that it's this weather over here.

Well we haven't been doing much here these past few days just ground work and it gets mighty grim and tiresome. I hope we fly tomorrow, for we are getting behind in the course.

Well I haven't done to bad on the money side of things this month I bought a bicycle for 5 and opened up a post office bank account with 2 pounds and I have 5 lent out to some of the crew and I have enough on me to last me till pay day not bad eh. I only hope I can build up the bank account.

I saw that show behind the rising sun in Montreal when I was there so I haven't got a very good impression of the Japs myself.

I am glad to hear that June is doing so well in school did she get my letter that I wrote to her, has she got the bicycle in town yet, boy mine sure saves me a lot of soul leather its about a mile to the mess and when you walk that about three times a day it takes a lot out of you.

No as far as sending me oranges is concerned we get about three a week here and they are quite bulky so they would take up a lot of room,

So Sis has another baby eh and it's a girl, that will make one of each now then eh.

I got another letter from Aunt Gretta yesterday the same day as the one you wrote on the eleventh.

Yes I suppose Ronnie will be coming over if he is at La Chine. I got another letter from Earl Wiltsie yesterday he is going on some leave tomorrow.

Say how would it be if I brought back the Princess Elizabeth to Canada as a bride eh. Shes of age now you know (ha ha).

I'll bet Gerald has the time of his life when he gets down town by the way what is ice cream oh yes I remember now I believe I had some about six months ago ha ha.

Well here is the end of the page so I guess I will have to sign off. Say hello to all

With love